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      What is the Vampire Breast Lift®?

      What is the Vampire Breast Lift®?
      By: Dr. Anne Truong
      August 12, 2019

      The Vampire Breast Lift® combines the science of regenerative cells (Platelet Rich Plasma) and the artful skill of a trained physician to deliver a custom-designed procedure that not only restores a more youthful contour and volume but also improves skin quality, nipple appearance and sensation.

      It works by adding volume in all the right places. The sculpting process is completed using platelet rich plasma (PRP) and if needed, a filler such as Juvederm. PRP ultimately contributes to the appearance of younger looking breasts, improving skin quality, color, texture and sensitivity.

      A Vampire Breast Lift won’t:

       > Increase your cup size
       > Change the shape of your breast
       > Eliminate sagging

      A Vampire Breast Lift may:

       > Give the appearance of fuller, firmer breasts
       > Minimize wrinkles, scaring, and stretch marks
       > Aide in blood circulation
       > Help promote sensation to niples after breast implants or childbirth.

      You may not be a candidate for a Vampire Breast Lift if you:

       > Have a history or or risk of breast cancer
       > Are pregnant
       > Are nursing

      The 30 minute procedure is almost painless (the equivelent of a blood draw) and there is no down time.

      Full results take about 2 months but many women notice changes within just a few days. On the average it lasts a year or longer, but some women report permanent results.

      A Vampire Breast Lift will not double your cup size but it will give you a more pleasing shape. You’ll notice rosier nipples that have more perk and sensitivity. It has also been shown to improve implants that are rippling or have caused inverted nipples.

      The treatment, costs about $2,300 and Dr. Truong is specially trained, certified, and licensed to administer this new advanced treatment. We specialize in helping each patient find a treatment plan that optimally suits their needs and desires. Each treatment is customized for your body.

      Contact us at (540) 299-1690 to find out more or schedule your appointment.

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