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Suffering from Knee Pain? Check Out the 5 Best Exercises for You

Suffering from Knee Pain? Check Out the 5 Best Exercises for You!
By: Dr. Anne Truong
July 15, 2019

Your knees are what support you in “every walk of life, every day." Quite literally, they go through the daily grind. Hence, they are often over-strained, overworked and injured. No wonder, knee pain is one of the most prevalent issues with people of all ages.

Your knees are one of the toughest joints in your body but did you know that every step you take strains your knees by up to 1.5 times of your body’s weight? And... that’s when you walk on a ground that is level. Imagine the strain your knees go through when you run, exercise, or carry out any other physical activity which is most likely more often than you think.

While there can be several causes of a sprained knee, exercises for knee pain are the go-to solution to relieve this discomfort that hampers your everyday life. Check out some knee-friendly workouts that will help reduce knee pain.

1.   Straight and bent leg raises while seated

To try this workout, take a chair and sit with a straight back. Now, in the seated position, raise the bent legs 5 times each. Next, stretch the leg forward and lift it without any support. Repeat this 5 times on each leg.

2.   Knee rolls

Release the pain in your knee joints with this exercise. To preform this technique, lie on your back and bring your foot parallel to the ground. Now, lying straight, roll your knee towards your right until it stretches your thigh muscle. Do the same thing for the opposite side.

3.   Calf and hamstring stretch

Do this workout while standing straight and holding the chair. Now, rise with the help of your toes to stretch the calf muscles. For the hamstring, step a foot in front, bend the knee and lean forward. Carry this out 3-5 times each for each leg.

4.   Swimming

Yes, swimming is an effective exercise because it stretches your knee joint and helps release any pain. Best results will come if you keep a slot booked for swimming at least 20 minutes, 4 times a week.

5.   Cycling

Cycling has been proven to help with knee pain along with other muscles in your leg. Cycling around for 10-20 minutes daily also strengthens the tissues surrounding the knees.

So, don’t wait! Start with these simple exercises and kive your knees back their strength.