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      PRP Therapy - A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Sports Injury Treatment

      PRP Therapy - A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Sports Injury Treatment

      By: Dr. Anne Truong
      July 8, 2019

      PRP Therapy for Sports Injuries

      Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy works wonders for sports injuries – So say the experts!

      Call it magic or a paradigm shift, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy has brought a breakthrough to the treatment of sports injuries.

      We live in an age where medical science is advanced enough to lurk deep and long into bodily functions. It enables finding out new combinations that work in favour of biological healing.

      As the human body has an innate ability to heal itself, PRP therapy helps harness these capacities and amplifies them for tissue healing.

      Plasma and platelets – The two P’s for pillars of human biology

      The H2O and protein composition of our blood known as plasma mediates the travel of RBCs, WBCs and platelets throughout the body. And the platelets, or thrombocytes in blood, are responsible for blood clots and regenerative healing - to a large extent.

      The natural process of healing, therefore originates in platelets.

      PRP - Healing soft tissue with Platelet-Rich Plasma

      The PRP therapy involves introducing plasma concentrated with platelets into the injured tissue for healing. These platelets are extracted from autologous blood and injected into tissues for sped-up healing.

      Research suggests, increased concentration of platelets in and around the injured tissues helps heal it faster. The therapy thus uses concentrated thrombocyte up to 10 times of untreated blood for this treatment. The Platelet-Rich Plasma preparation for regenerative medicine has borne results. Concentrated platelets thus separated are then injected in the injured area for quick healing and recovery.

      PRP therapy and its popularity for sports injury treatment

      Athletes, sportspersons and people actively involved in physical activities are prone to develop tissue wear and tear, inflammation, and injuries. As their profession requires them to be in their best health at all times, a potential treatment with faster results was needed.

      While conventional methods of healing take time to take effect, PRP therapy is much faster in helping injured sportspersons recover faster. No wonder it's quickly catching on as one of the most effective treatments for healing sports injuries.

      PRP’s potential for healing – A look-over

      Sports activities can result in several acute injuries extending to tendon, joints & ligament tear and the therapy has been effective in treating these conditions, including a few common sports injuries that benefit from PRP treatment.

      Get set to say goodbye to your athletic and sports injuries effectively and fast with PRP treatment!

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