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Peptide Therapy for Weight Loss

Peptide Weight Loss Fredericksburg, VA

Truong Rehabilitation Center uses Peptide Therapy to help the body lose weight. By triggering the release of growth hormone, this protocol can encourage the loss of fat loss, muscle gain, and more.

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What Is Peptide Therapy for Weight Loss?

Peptides are small chains of amino acids that help trigger the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland. When human growth hormone is released, it causes numerous body-wide effects that can result in weight loss.

Human Growth Hormone and Weight Loss

There are numerous ways that growth hormone can lead to weight loss.

One way is to help rid the body of fat. Growth hormone can do so by increasing free fatty acid oxidization, and by also improving insulin resistance. By sensitizing your cell’s glucose receptors, carbohydrates are used for energy instead of fat.

Growth hormone helps to increase muscle mass, even helping muscle cells increase in size during resistance training. The hormone also helps your stem cells repair your tissues and detoxify the body.

Weight Loss Peptides

Peptides for weight loss include:

  • CJC 1295 – a growth hormone-releasing hormone
  • Ipamorelin – a growth hormone-releasing peptide
  • Tesamorelin – used to reduce visceral (abdominal) fat on HIV patients
  • GHR-2 – a growth hormone-releasing peptide
  • GHRP-6 – a growth hormone-releasing peptide that releases the digestive hormone Ghrelin which causes growth hormone release
  • Hexarelin – similar to GHRP-6, this peptide triggers growth hormone release but does not trigger Ghrelin

Your Peptide Therapy

Dr. Truong will first begin by doing some blood work to determine the right peptides for you. The types of peptides that you receive will also depend on your age, current medical status, and weight-loss goals.

Your treatment cycle will last three months. Peptides are best delivered by injection with a very small needle like an insulin needle. Peptides are ineffective as oral therapy. Throughout your cycle, your inflammation levels and biometrics will be monitored.

Depending on the hormone you receive, you may experience an increase in appetite. Dr. Truong will discuss with you any other side effects to possibly expect, as well as how soon you can see results like increased muscle and reduced fat.

It is recommended that you use peptide therapy alongside a proper diet and our MedFit weight loss program to see the best, effective, fastest and long-term results.

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Weight loss is a different journey for everyone. Peptide Therapy is a guide along that journey, helping you lose weight with the aid of your own growth hormones.

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