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Peptide Therapy for Muscle Growth

Peptide Muscle Growth

Age is not kind to muscles. Not only does the body lose muscle mass with age, but fat comes in to take its place.

The human growth hormone plays an important role in building muscles. As you age however, growth hormone levels diminish. By the time you hit your fifties, you may be left with a third of the growth hormone levels you had at age of 35.

Peptide Therapy attempts to address age related muscle loss by stimulating the release of growth hormone which leads to increased lean muscle mass, fat loss, improved athletic performance, and more.

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What Is Peptide Therapy for Muscle Growth?

Human growth hormone is released into the body by the pituitary gland. Small amino acid chains called peptides encourage this release.

In order to understand Peptide Therapy for Muscle Growth, it’s important to understand the relationship between growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor-1.

How Peptides Cause Muscle Growth

When growth hormone leaves the pituitary gland, it travels around the body via the bloodstream, eventually reaching the liver.

While in the liver, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is released. IGF is what actually causes muscle growth, as it triggers protein synthesis.

As a result of Peptide Therapy, you may experience:

  • increased lean muscle mass
  • improved muscle tone
  • increased strength
  • improved athletic performance
  • improved recovery time
  • fat loss
  • increased energy

Muscle Growth Peptides

Peptides for muscle growth include:

  • CJC 1295 – a growth hormone-releasing hormone that increases your muscle definition, strength, and mass
  • Ipamorelin – a growth hormone-releasing peptide that increases lean muscle
  • Tesamorelin – a growth hormone secretagogue that builds muscle mass
  • GHR-2 – a growth hormone-releasing peptide that may increase lean body mass and strength
  • GHRP-6 –this a growth hormone-releasing peptide helps to increase lean body mass
  • Hexarelin –this peptide causes growth hormone release to increases lean muscle mass and improve tone

Your Peptide Injections

Your Peptide Therapy for Muscle Growth will last three months. The peptides you receive will depend on your age, current medical status, and your muscle-building goals. Blood work before the therapy will help determine the correct choice(s).

During your treatment cycle, your biometrics and inflammation levels will be monitored. Though you will likely receive peptide injections, delivery methods like oral tablets are also available. Dr. Truong will help you determine the best delivery method for you.

It may take several months to see the full results of your Peptide Therapy. Dr. Truong will discuss with you any aftercare that may be needed, if you’ll need another treatment cycle at some point in the future, and what side effect you may encounter.

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Growth hormone is important to everyone. Whether you’re an average gym-goer, an athlete, or a little older, support your build with Peptide Therapy for Muscle Growth.

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