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      Microneedling Reduce Acne Scars Get Younger Looking Skin & More

      Microneedling: Reduce Acne Scars, Get Younger Looking Skin, & More!

      By: Dr. Anne Truong
      October 7, 2019

      For those unfamiliar with the concept of "microneedling," it is a collagen boosting skin care treatment that involves penetrating the skin with clinical grade titanium needles these Sterile needles prick the epithelial pores, accelerating cell regeneration and tissue repair.

      While the procedure sounds delicately dangerous, it is minimally invasive and completely safe. The results are staggeringly effective, with little or no downtime.

      The benefits of microneedling are as follows:

      Acne scar reduction - Usually a 1mm to 1.5mm needle length does the trick however deeper scars may require up to 3mm depth penetration, by the skilled hands of a medical doctor. This treatment will make scars less visible. Because the skin needs adequate time to heal after the procedure, it is strongly recommended that the treatment should not be administered more than one time a month. Microneedles should never be used on or near open wounds or newly developed acne, which can cause more damage.

      Skin elasticity enhancement - A 0.5mm to 1mm needle length should suffice for daily skin needs. Gentle rolling, once every week, results in rejuvenated skin and better absorption of skin care products like creams & serums, thereby increasing the overall effectiveness of all products.

      Anti-aging -  A 1mm to 1.5mm needle length is used on the face to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Microneedling should also tighten enlarged pores to give the appearance of youthful skin.

      Hair growth acceleration - Microneedling can produce wonderful results in regard to hair regrowth. The needles introduce cells beneath the scalp and even allow better absorption of oils and other hair products.

      Stretch mark and cellulite reduction - Continued use of microneedles (usually of longer length) on stretch marks and cellulite affected regions has proven to be extremely effective in improving skin texture around these areas.

      Now that you're aware of what the whole cosmetic process is like, you may be wondering what role "PRP" plays in the process. For starters, "PRP" refers to "platelet rich plasma", which is derived from the patient's own blood. It contains special types of cytokines with regenerative properties that act as healing agents during the microneedling process.  The plasma is either applied topically or injected into the skin to further improve for instance, the appearance of acne scars, or considerably decrease redness or swelling in and around the treated areas.

      It doesn't quite come as a surprise then that this method is frequently referred to as the "Vampire Facial".  This combines the regenerative power of blood and microneedling to give a natural, younger looking skin immediately without downtime. You can even get this at lunch time and go back to work.

      If you’d like to learn more about microneedling and how it can significantly improve your appearance, contact us at (540) 299-1690.

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