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      Medical Massage Therapy - The New-Age Therapy with a Package of Relief

      Medical Massage Therapy - The New-Age Therapy with a Package of Relief

      By: Dr. Anne Truong
      July 22, 2019

      Medical Massage Therapy

      Massage Therapies have for long been used as alternative solutions to mainstream medical treatments – and they are quite fruitful too. Only now have the two forms of treatment brought forward a combination therapy called Medical Massage Therapy.

      Formulated with inputs from physician diagnosis and prescription, it helps relieve several issues related to body muscles. It also includes within it several treatments diversified as per the ailment or illness.

      Treatments like sports massage, neuromuscular massage, deep tissue massage, and many more come under Medical Massage Therapy for various treatments.

      So, are you ready to try it yourself?

      Here are some of the benefits this therapy brings with it. It is proving to be more useful than ever because the massage is carried out with a sole focus on specific areas of the body where an ailment is diagnosed.

      Relief from nerve compression

      Nerve compression/entrapment is a common ailment people often suffer from due to the growth of cartilage, bone or soft tissue. The Medical Massage Therapy thus helps relieve various conditions that occur as a result of nerve compression by curing the cause.

      Improvement in nutrient circulation

      The therapy helps enhance nourishment that the cells receive from the lymph and blood and channelises waste removal from the body. It therefore, enhances the regeneration of cells. An improvement in overall health is starts on the massage table!

      Better flexibility

      Medical Massage Therapy has been beneficial in reducing disk and joint degeneration through reduced hyper and hypo-tonicity. It actually helps restore the normal flexibility of muscles and joints.

      So, yes, if you have been facing issues with body flexibility, this therapy can be life-changing.

      Relaxation of the nervous system

      Relaxing the nerve endings present in your skin, Medical Massage Therapy helps regain optimum functioning of the central nervous system.

      What’s the result? Improved reflexes and the performance of different body components, like organs, cells, tissues, blood, lymph, etc.

      Reduction in inflammation and pain

      The therapy has been immensely effective in releasing spasms and toxins from the muscles. You will experience an improved functioning of your muscles through pain and inflammation reduction.

      What’s more, the therapy also helps improve other bodily functions like digestion, neck or back sprains, chronic ailments, injuries, and a lot more.

      With this modern therapy, treatment has become more accurate as well as relaxing.

      So, lay back and relieve your pain with Medical Massage Therapy!

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