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      How to Help Your Partner with ED

      How to Help Your Partner with ED

      Seeing your partner suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence, the inability to gain and maintain an erection) can be challenging. It’s natural to worry about it, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to help.

      In fact, as their significant other, you have a very special place in your partner’s journey to sexual health.

      From open communication about how the disease has affected both of you to encouraging healthier lifestyle changes, there are plenty of ways to help.

      We’ve put together top 10 tips that may not only better your partner’s sexual health, but also help you too. Check them out below.

      10 Tips on How to Help Your Partner with Erectile Dysfunction

      1. Don’t Take It Personally

      Start by knowing that your partner having ED is not your fault. ED is related to problems with the blood vessels and may be caused by issues like diabetes, low testosterone, and psychological issues like performance anxiety.

      2. Have a Conversation

      A lack of communication might make ED worse, so talking about it is important.

      However, don’t talk about ED symptoms the night you notice them – give it a few days or weeks.

      When calmly talking to your partner, you may want to:

      • affirm that their ED matters
      • discuss ED as a physical problem to help your partner be more open to treatment
      • listen to their fears and concerns
      • clarify that you want to reclaim a part of your relationship that you both enjoy

      3. Address Stress

      Anxiety and stress can sap libido and cause ED. Encourage your partner to talk about the issues that are bothering them.

      4. Discuss If Therapy Would Help

      Being honest and open about your relationship might help make ED more manageable. If the two of you feel like you may need outside help, consider seeing a marriage counselor or sex therapist.

      5. Turn Off the Adult Videos

      Your partner masturbating to adult videos may be more sexually-stimulating than from what you two can achieve together, leading to ED issues when you’re intimate. Talk to your partner about whether these habits are causing problems.

      6. Explore Different Forms of Arousal

      Intimacy with a partner with ED can be tricky.

      • penetration might not be the best idea
      • trying to help by being sexier may cause more stress and anxiety about performance

      Instead, try:

      • watching something sexy together
      • more foreplay; the key is to not rush sex and take it slow
      • playing with sex toys
      • oral stimulation

      7. Encourage Them to Quit Smoking

      Need another way to convince your partner to throw away their cigarettes? Nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow, and long-term smoking may harden arteries. When the right vessels are affected, ED can occur.

      8. Introduce Them to a Healthier Diet

      Heart disease and obesity have been linked to erectile dysfunction. A diet that’s good for your partner’s health and that advocates for moderate alcohol consumption might help prevent the ED from worsening.

      9. Push for Exercise

      Exercise may help ED in numerous ways, such as by encouraging blood flow and giving your partner better stamina. Also, regular, 30-minute exercise may heighten their libido.

      10. Join the Appointment

      Going to the doctor with your partner may help reinforce that you are supportive.

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