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      Cost of Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

      Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Costs | Fredericksburg VA

      At Truong Rehabilitation Center, we know that there is no singular cause for erectile dysfunction (ED or impotence). And treating multiple ED causes can become expensive.

      We believe that treating ED should not break your bank. It shouldn’t be as expensive as a vacation or buying a car. Sexuality is priceless, after all.

      This is why we bundle our treatments. Truong Rehabilitation Center’s multimodality approach saves our patients money and provides worthwhile ED treatment at the same time.

      From Shock Wave Therapy to Testosterone Pellet Injections, our protocols help you develop and maintain an erection.

      Are ED Treatments Covered by Insurance?

      No, ED Treatments are usually not covered by insurance.

      To keep you from paying unnecessary-high treatment fees, Dr. Truong will work with you to find the specific protocol(s) needed to resolve the causes of your impotence.

      How Much Does ED Treatment Cost?

      The cost of your ED Treatment will depend on the type you choose. Dr. Truong can provide more information on these offers and the individual treatments within them:

      1. 3 P-Shot Treatments with 1 Complimentary Shock Wave Therapy session: $4,600.00
      2. Male Vital Package: $9,800.00
        1. Includes:
          1. 3 P-Shot Treatments
          2. 6 Shock Wave Therapy Sessions
          3. Testosterone Pellet Injections (1 injection per year)
          4. Blood Work for 1 Year
          5. Supplements
      3. Penile Enhancement: $12,000
      4. Truong Man Augmentation Package: $16,000
        1. Includes:
          1. Testosterone Pellets (3 injections per year)
          2. Blood Work for 1 Year
          3. Penile Enhancement
          4. Peptide Therapy for ED
          5. 1 Year of Supplements

      Dr. Truong will determine whether one of these options is best for you, or if individual treatments would provide you with better results – patients over 50 years of age may find the most optimal benefits from the Male Vital Package, while men under 50 may respond better to P-shots and Shock Wave sessions.

      Schedule Your Consultation Today!

      A relationship’s price is greater fulfilled with intimacy – don’t let high ED treatment costs deter you from receiving necessary sexual health protocols. Call (540) 299-1690 or contact us here to start an affordable ED Treatment from Dr. Truong today.

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