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      For over 20 years, Dr. Anne has helped over 7000 men regain sexual performance confidence to live their best life with meaningful relationships.

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      Meet Dr. Anne

      Dr. Anne is a board-certified physician with over 20 years of clinical experience. A physician -entrepreneur, and innovator who thinks outside the box, Dr. Anne is a recognized leader in men's health, particularly in regenerative medicine. She is passionate about healing the cause of male sexual dysfunction, not just masking the symptoms, and shares her wisdom to teach doctors conferences worldwide. She evaluates and supports each patient from beginning to end to accomplish their individual goals, recapture their vitality, age gracefully, and live their best life.

      When addressed early, sexual dysfunction can be treated and reversed. Dr. Anne is a firm believer that sexuality is vital to a high quality of life at any age, but especially after 50.

      Since 2000, our practice has offered everything under one roof to treat everyone who wants an individualized, comprehensive plan—whether conservative or intervention—to achieve their best intimate self. We provide regenerative medicine for sexuality, aesthetics, and pain conditions, and Dr. Anne uses top-of-the-line technology for precision treatments.

      Dr. Anne's commitment to her patients is uncompromised by the limitations imposed by insurance companies. When she takes on a patient, she dedicates herself to providing the best treatment plan that aligns with their goals. She affectionately calls her "Vitality Warriors," her patients" want to live their best life beyond 50. They trust her "patient's first" approach and rave about the world-class service and professionalism she and her team provide. Dr. Anne can help you enjoy the life you deserve, no matter your age, because she believes everyone should enjoy their intimate relationship beyond middle age.

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      "Three days after my penile enlargement, my girlfriend noticed better sensation during sex. I’m very happy with my procedure."
      - J.B
      "I’m in 78 and have not been able to have sex with my wife for 17 years. After I had the P Shot, shock wave, and testosterone pellets, within 6-8 weeks we can have sex and our relationship have never been closer. Dr. Truong is a miracle worker."
      - M.O
      "I’m 46 y.o I have been divorced for 4 years. I recently got a girlfriend, she is 10 years younger and super hot. She likes to have sex every day, but I please her half the time. I was ashamed, disappointed and hopeless, I couldn’t please her. I was desperate and even consider breaking up with her to avoid my guilt. I didn’t feel like a man anymore. Medications weren’t working. I went to Dr. Anne as the last resort. With her treatments, within 4 weeks I was able to get a firm erection again. Dr. Anne is a god sent"
      - M.M
      "I had 15 years with ED, tried Viagra,Trimix, I had to stop to do the injection. It was a pain. I got the P Shot and Shockwave , and I went from devastated to inspired. I can now have spontaneous erection again. I didn’t want to lose my manhood and I am so thankful for Dr. Truong. If you have ED, you must come to see her to get treated."
      - O.S
      "My wife was facing total shoulder replacement surgery.She is 69 and unable to sleep with shoulder pain.Little cartilage in her shoulder.A doctor friend told us about this alternative.My wife has had fantastic results with PRP Therapy augmented with stem cells(extracted from her hip) followed by Physical Therapy.She was treated at The Truong Rehabilitation Center, Dr.Anne Truong, MD, in Fredericksburg.Medicare doesn 't cover. Cost was $3,000 for the complete treatment. Highly recommend it."
      - Michael M. Testimonial
      "My knee pain started about 3 years ago and I continued playing tennis and being active. I started taking pain medication and wrapping my knee so then I could continue with my daily activities..."
      - Diep and Greg D. Stafford, VA
      "I am 63 years old and I have never been to a doctor’s office that can match your patient relations or friendly treatment..."
      - Dorothy W. Locust Grove, VA
      "I have been diagnosed with a severe neurological problem that has caused me a great deal of pain for almost ten years.I started coming to Dr.Truong 's office and immediately knew that I was in the right place..."
      - Jeff N. Spotsylvania, VA
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      Meet Dr. Anne

      Anne N. Truong, M.D.

      Anne N. Truong, M.D.

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      10340 Spotsylvania Avenue, Suite 101
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