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Rehabilitation Center in Fredericksburg, VA

Truong Rehabilitation Center Fredericksburg VA

Located in Fredericksburg, VA, The Truong Rehabilitation Center is designed to provide you with advanced non-surgical pain relief by a team of physicians and allied health providers. Our “integrated treatment under one roof” approach enables us to better manage your physician treatments and professional therapies to promote rapid, effective recovery.

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Meet the Practitioner

Anne N. Truong, M.D.

Dr. Anne Truong is a highly respected physician, best-selling author, and internationally sought-after speaker on the topics of regenerative stem cell medicine, pain management, and applications for aesthetics and sexuality. With over 20 years of experience, she has earned a reputation as a profound, engaging, and influential keynote speaker who uses her global platform to teach allied health professionals and doctors.

Dr. Truong's book, Erectile Dysfunction Fix, has helped thousands of men regain their ability to enjoy intimate relationships previously ruined by erectile dysfunction (ED). Her book describes the Priapus Shot (P-Shot), an ingenious treatment using Platelets-Rich Plasma (PRP), and the patient's own blood's innate healing abilities to mend injuries and treat ED without drugs or surgery.

Dr. Truong is the sole founder, owner, and president of the Truong Rehabilitation Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her practice offers treatment for pain management and rehabilitation, functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and cosmetic and sexual medicine. Long known for being ahead of the curve, she has been using innovative techniques in stem cell therapy since 2006.

Rehabilitation Medicine Physicians 10340 Spotsylvania Avenue,
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"My wife was facing total shoulder replacement surgery.She is 69 and unable to sleep with shoulder pain.Little cartilage in her shoulder.A doctor friend told us about this alternative.My wife has had fantastic results with PRP Therapy augmented with stem cells(extracted from her hip) followed by Physical Therapy.She was treated at The Truong Rehabilitation Center, Dr.Anne Truong, MD, in Fredericksburg.Medicare doesn 't cover. Cost was $3,000 for the complete treatment. Highly recommend it. "
Michael M. Testimonial
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"My knee pain started about 3 years ago and I continued playing tennis and being active.I started taking pain medication and wrapping my knee so then I could continue with my daily activities..."
Diep and Greg D. Stafford, VA
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"I am 63 years old and I have never been to a doctor’s office that can match your patient relations or friendly treatment..."
Dorothy W. Locust Grove, VA
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"I have been diagnosed with a severe neurological problem that has caused me a great deal of pain for almost ten years.I started coming to Dr.Truong 's office and immediately knew that I was in the right place..."
Jeff N. Spotsylvania, VA
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"The staff here are all wonderful! A year ago, I could barely walk and was told after back surgery, that there was nothing else that could be done other than more surgery or pain medication..."
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"In March 2001, I was injured while working in a nursing home. I instantly knew I seriously hurt my back..."
M.M., Fredericksburg, VA
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"I had a hemorrhagic bleed stroke when I was 38 years old, which left me paralized on my right side..."
Beth Gricas, Stafford, VA
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"After 5 years of visiting doctors, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Truong Rehab has finally given me relief for my chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain."
Debra Scott, Stafford, VA
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